Terms of Use

Sign in or Sign up

A user must login to present their bookmark in the Crazish.com. In the event that you are not have the ability to sign in then you can sign up your record. Assume sign up isn't done at that point forgot your password and if same issue happen then check your email, your mail for registering and forgot password can be in spam instead of inbox of your mail id.


Acknowledgment of terms

Crazish.com is a social networking and bookmarking site. It isn't required to present your site here, however on the off chance that you do your bookmarking here then you will recover links with an instant approval. Captcha is mandatory.


Content acceptance

After login if we like user’s content then Crazish.com will accept your post or if any unlawful content is used then we are capable to delete you permanently from the backend.

Direct search option

In Crazish.com using direct search option any user can be able to search the posts and any other user by name.


Extra Features for the user

User can like, view or comment the post of the other users in crazish.com.  If users post a link on a comment it would not be clickable.


Account deletion

Client can delete a submission whenever in Crazish.com and furthermore can have the capacity to do changes like altering of information.

Collection updates

Collection is just like categories of different types from which a user can add or follow 5 maximum collections from the multiples. Updated posts of these collections will be visible to the user in crazish.com.


Posts sharing

In crazish.com user can share the posts of the other party posts on social media. And also a user can follow or chat with the other users. User is able to delete, edit or trim any post. There should be no vulgar content in the posts.


 Third party submission

In Crazish.com if a client needs to delete his data or submission and have password, or your submission is finished by an outsider and you have no detail then you we are not responsible for that. Crazish.com isn't in charge of changes made to the site by third party.


Free back link site

Crazish.com gives you a free back link site for anybody from anyplace any nation. A client can have the capacity to present any post prohibited grown-up or any obscene content.


Deletion of old posts

A user of crazish.com if posted a wrong content and on the other hand previous posts are correct, we will delete your all the posts including the present and previous ones. 


No promotion surety

Crazish.com gives a social bookmarking back link. This is a free of cost instant approval back link, which will help to increase your SEO ranking. In the event that if you’re ranking isn’t enhanced you can have the capacity to delete your submission since we are not giving any kind of assurance or obligation regarding your online ranking all over. Everything relies on Google algorithm.


Information security

Crazish.com has a right to delete your post if any vulgar or wrong type of content is used.  Whenever, you can right, refresh or delete the data that you have given us, or withdraw as a Crazish.com client, by getting to updated Profile.


Services and content

A user starts to utilize the services and content of Crazish.com, or the individuals who access through Crazish.com, with full regard for the Law, ethics, great traditions, and open request.